A Miami Getaway


The Queen and I are routine people. We like administration and order. We like planning and plotting; coordinating and strategic movement, both in our business lives and in our personal lives. But after a while, routine needs a shake up, and we’re so glad we’re 30 miles from Alligator Alley and 150 miles away from beautiful Miami.


We work hard, so we should play hard too. And when we play, we play with no schedule in mind. No routine needed. Whatever happens, happens. Eat what we want. Go where we want. Get what we wanna get. Hey King, need a new pair of running shoes even though you never run anywhere? Get em, they look great with that t-shirt in the back of your closet that you never wear.

Makes us feel edgy.


So even though we had no set schedule, we knew we wanted to hit South Beach and get some sun and snorkel time in. We decided on Lummus Park, because we didn’t want to pay $20 at Pier Park, a cost no doubt raised due to spring break. Seven bucks on the street and we were good to go for a few hours.


The beach was quiet when we arrived at around 9:30.


Within an hour or so, the Spring Breakers arrived and everyone started twerking.


I would twerk if I could. But I can’t, which is a good thing because no one wants to see that.


That brought the cops out. A few of the rowdy ones had their beer taken away but were given citations. Word to the unwise – if you’re gonna drink on the beach, it’s best to be quiiiiiiieeeeet. Loud noises attract badges.


The water was cool at around 75 degrees, but clear. As I’ve mentioned, 78 degrees is really my cut off temp. But with the water being so clear, I had to get in and snorkel (and I’m glad I did). I had to psyche myself up before plunging in. You know, word of advice, just do it. Get it over with. Psyching yourself up does nothing!


Dooo IT! Dooo IT! Dooo IT!


Lots of goodies in the surf up to about 15 feet out. There were little ridges starting at the water line that went out fifteen feet or so until the sand got flat. I spent about 2 hours going back and forth along the ridges. We ended up with a real nice shell bag full of keepers. Lots of broken Scotch Bonnets and Alphabet Cones in the water as well, including a giiiiant 3 inch piece of Alphabet Cone that was buried in the sand just right. What a drag pulling it up, only to find a piece.


The olives over there have a different look than the ones we find here on Sanibel, but still beautiful. I found a couple of (I believe) juvenile queen conchs, some nice solid white Murices (I think), a Sundial, some Baby’s Ears, killer coral and a worn but cool Long Spined Star Shell….and a couple of little Alphies.


But this one took my breath away. Some may debate the full scientific name, but it appears to be a Fulgurator Olive. I found this one at the tail end of my snorkel time and called it a day. I didn’t think I could find anything else that could top it. What a prized find! I think I stared at it for 15 minutes after I found it. haha!


After a shower and a nap, we visited our friends at Sir Pizza, where we had dinner with the Queen’s brother.


…and topped it all off with a late night Krispy Kreme donut run.


Num Num Nummmmm





Remember, no matter how hard you work, you can’t work all the time. Take a little breather now and then to refresh yourself. Because you know, all work and no play makes the King and Queen dull people…and no one wants that!


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Fourteen Florida Fun and Festival Tour – March 2014



With all the festivities going on over on Sanibel Island this weekend, we thought we’d take a different direction this month. So, the March Installment of the Quadruple F Tour brought us to Fort Myers Beach for the 56th Fort Myers Beach Shrimp Festival. At seventy-two degrees and sunny with a nice breeze, I don’t believe you could have picked a more perfect day to attend.




Just a few short years ago, the Queen and I attended and noticed a smattering of booths and a small number of food vendors. However, this time around it was jam packed with all sorts of arts and crafts, trinkets, beachy-themed collectibles and what else?



You know, we have nine more months of this festival thing and by December, it’ll only be by the grace of God that the Queen isn’t pushing me in a wheelbarrow due to the sheer mass of all the meat on a stick I’ll have consumed throughout the year.

But as of today, I’m a dashing and svelte buck eighty-five, so let the face feeding continue.

So it IS a Shrimp Festival, and therefore it’s all about the shrimp.


See, the thing about shrimp is, You can barbecue it, boil it, broil it, bake it, saute it. There are shrimp-kabobs, shrimp creole, shrimp gumbo. Pan fried, deep fried, stir-fried. There’s pineapple shrimp, lemon shrimp, coconut shrimp, pepper shrimp, shrimp soup, shrimp stew, shrimp salad, shrimp and potatoes, shrimp burgers, shrimp sandwiches.


Well, you get the picture.

The shrimp was over flowing. The hot spot was the line to the Lion’s Club of Fort Myers dinner….






which as you can see below, stretched a LOOOOONG way.


So what did we get?


Well, we got the Grouper, of course.

Now honestly before you bust out laughing, we tried to get shrimp. They were just out at the booth we chose. So rather than jumping back in at the end of some massive line, we opted for the Grouper Sandwich, which was amazing and as big as your head.






Yes, there was meat on a stick there, but I passed on it this time. (I know, what’s wrong with me?)


Now let me make a recommendation to the Town of Fort Myers Beach at this point. They put on an awesome event.


But I think this year is the year they have finally outgrown the area they’re using.



So many people and so few places to sit and eat that people were finding whatever flat surface was nearby.

Recommendation? Extend this thing to the beach itself. Put a big ol’ tent out there in the sand and let folks enjoy eating near the water. It would make a huge difference!

Speaking of water….we made our way near it and captured a great drum line team called Marcato, performing on the beach. Click on the pic below to see the video (and subscribe to our page) of this great team of drummers.


Special thanks to James Royce over at the Island Sand Paper for putting the video on their front page.

As we moved into the pier, we got an even bigger treat – a small pod of dolphins (with two babies) chasing fish, eerily close to shore. Tourists were waist deep and the dolphins were within an arm’s reach (click on the picture to see the video). We originally thought there were three, when in fact it was more like six.




Another beautiful South Florida day and a wonderful festival experience. If you get the chance to stop by Fort Myers Beach in the early evening, do it. It really is a fantastic spot to eat dinner, walk and explore the shops.


Queenie saw a Pirate Ship.



I saw a bunch of muscle cars.


And it appears the Google Car took our picture.

Come on. What would YOU do if YOU saw the Google Car?